Machines for Float Glass
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Float glass digital printer

GLASSPRINT ONE GLASSPRINT ONE is a digital flat glass printer using advanced technology that uses ceramic inks to print flat glass sheets, images, photos, drawings and text received via digital media.

GLASSPRINT ONE uses a high definition print; and allows up to 12 colours to be used simultaneously in a single application, thereby allowing for many combinations of colour and shades.
The image, drawing, photo or phrase to be printed must be in digital format (.tiff, .pdf, .jpeg, .bmp, .ps) or in vector format (.eps, .ai),, at the highest resolution of 1440 DPI.
Thanks to software, these images are then processed and converted into work instructions. The digital printer uses the colours available, from 6 to 12, to apply tiny drops of ink on the glass surface so as to decorate it with the required image, with the same colours and in high definition.
GLASSPRINT ONE uses an application that is entirely developed by GEMATA for a Windows operating system, with an interface composed of simply icons that allow the synoptic panel to be intuitive and efficient. Any language is available on request. GLASSPRINT ONE is certified for the use of TORRECID. ceramic inks.

The GLASSPRINT ONE was developed using top quality products and consists of these main components:

  • A crosspiece and rigid base that is adjustable in height, made of woodwork that is processed with a machine tool with centesimal precision.
  • Movements made using linear motors that combine high advancement forces and great acceleration with no wear.
  • Guides and recirculating ball skids to reduce friction and to have more uniform movement.
  • Precise control of the position of the moving elements is guaranteed by a magnetic tape and the relative centesimal precision sensor.
  • Aluminium print head.
  • Print heads and system from XAAR, a world leader in digital inkjet technology development and manufacturer of drop-on-demand piezoelectric industrial inkjet printheads.
  • Positioning of the colour containers directly on the print head for the problem related to sediment inside the tubes and containers to be fully resolved.
  • Air conditioning system applied directly to the print head to maintain the colour viscosity constant, thereby ensuring an optimal temperature inside the colour chamber.
  • Thermoformed print head protection with gap made of insulating material to increase the cooling efficiency.
  • Vertical head movement system by means of a brushless motor and a recirculating ball screw. The entire head structure moves vertically according to the thickness of the glass, automatically maintaining the distance of the heads from the surface to be printed and thereby ensuring printing precision and quality.
  • Automatic sheet transport that is entrusted to a series of toothed belts. Once it reaches a working position, the glass is held in place by a pair of suction cups.
  • Glass support system on plastic balls
  • Glass presence sensors and glass thickness sensor
  • Fast and easy ink loading system
  • Drying system of the deposited colour using IR lamps
  • On board synoptic panel with intuitive software developed by GEMATA
  • Thermoformed safety perimeter body