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Cabeçal de recubrimento com cilindro gravado

Starline RS is the innovative roller-coating machine for the finishing of fabrics, artificial leather, paper and other materials in bobbin.

The roller coating in REVERSE enables the application of chemicals from the most liquid to the most viscose, without causing any defect or line on the finished material.

  • REVERSE roller: impregnation, dying, coating, application of resins and glues, with deposit of 10 to 350 g/m2 with any product, even very liquid, on any type of synthetic material, fabric and paper. Also, applications of hot or cold oils and waxes (with the roller heating system option).
  • SYNCHRO roller: light dying, finishing, tipping and two-tones effects on embossed materials, design printing with possibility to choose from our catalogue with more than 500 samples or even on customer specification.
  • application with "on-air" REVERSE roller: useful when coating on release paper, where the pressure of the rubber roller may cause the flattening of the paper embossing, and when direct coating on loosely woven fabric, such as gauze and net, in order to avoid the chemical product dripping to the reverse side.
  • coating by doctor blade "on-air" (optional): for light coatings by scraping, sealing, impregnation, two-tones effects on embossed surfaces.

Starline RS features a welded steel frame for the highest torsional rigidity. The lifting bridge of the engraved cylinders, which may mount up to four cylinders, is pneumatically driven for a quick and easy cylinder change.

The color oscillating doctor blades are composed by an extremely rigid steel support that guarantees a vibration free operation. Moreover the doctor blades are mounted on auto-aligning supports to ensure a perfect alignment and constant uniform pressure over the entire length of the cylinder. The opening and closing of the doctor blades are pneumatically controlled, avoiding the periodic setting required by the wearing out of the blade itself, and to allow the automatic positioning at every change of the engraved cylinder.

To coat "on-air" the idler rollers supporting the web are lifted by means of pneumatic pistons.

The machine is equipped with piping for the pigment distribution and the engraved roller washing at style change, directly fastened to the doctor blade.

The working speed is controlled by mean of inverter and encoder, thus enabling the machine to work as a single unit, or to be inserted in a finishing line no matter the type of motors in use.

All the machine control functions are located in a big and convenient control swivelling at will by the operator, while the electrical panel, PLC equipped, is installed inside the machine frame.

Many optionals and accessories are available for Starline RS: stainless steel washing tray for the rubber cylinder with cleaning brush and rubber cylinder scraper, mixing device for thick chemicals, level check probe, suction hood, pre-heating tank with thermostat to heat wax before application, cylinder heating system composed by a heating case with filter, electric pump, temperature regulator, quick connections to the cylinder and heated recycling gutter.

Starline R is the simplified version suitable to rollercoat in REVERSE "on-air" only. Designed for transfer coating lines working with water based chemicals, particularly in the tannery field for the split upgrading. This model mounts a large stainless steel tray along the length of the engraved cylinder, with side drains for the recycling of the chemical product.

Starline RS is available in nominal widths of 1800 - 2200 - 2400 and 2600 mm.