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Ligne pilote multifonctionnelle pour laboratoire

Labline est la ligne pilote multifonctionnelle pour laboratoire avec possibilté d’enduction par couteau ou cylindre, complète avec four et contrecollages mouillé ou sec.
Apte pour l'enduction transfer et directe.

It's a scale line where test runs, trials, samples and pre-production batches can be performed.

The machine is supplied complete of: two doctor coating blades profiles P 20 and R 30, one coating roller, pneumatic expansible shafts.

The coating head is equipped for the following operations:
  • Coating with doctor blade for "thickness" coating;
  • Coating with doctor blade for "on-air" coating;
  • REVERSE finishing with engraved roller for coatings on films or product. An important aspect: the REVERSE roller system enables the use of water based products. Excellent with foamed products too;
  • SYNCHRO applications with "multipoint" roller for special effect finishing on embossed synthetic leather, two tones effects, lacquering. Using a design roller, it's ideal for print finishes and special effects.

Thanks to laminating cylinders, composed by two nip rollers, Labline offers:
  • Wet lamination system (with application of adhesive, fabric lamination and reticulation in the dryer);
  • "One-coat" processing system (with application of adhesive, drying coupling at the dryer exit, melting of thermal adhesive by a heated cylinder).

  • Rapid changes of the coating head: changeovers from doctor blades to roller finishing system (and vice-versa) take very little time;
  • All thickness adjustments and pressure adjustments are easy to set and controlled by high precision instruments (centesimal comparators);
  • Machine controls are easily accessible.

  • It cuts down on chemical products, electrical power, release and support paper;
  • Only one operator is required;
  • Very easy to install thanks to its compact size.

  • Cylinder heating system;
  • Lower scraping blade for "on-air" coating;
  • Dipping mangle at line entry.