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Laboratory foam generator for water based chemicals

MICROMIX Micromix is a laboratory machine for the production of very fine foams with high homogenous characteristics. The main characteristic of Micromix is that of the patented mixing chamber. While working at a low pressure, this allows to reduce the air into microscopic bubbles and homogenize them into the chemical maintaining constant and unaltered chemical/physical characteristics.

The consequent accuracy of construction, ease and stability of adjustment permit high standards of quality and absolute repeatability of the set foaming ratios.

Control of all machine functions are situated in a large panel in front of the operator.

All elements in contact with the chemicals are made with anti-corrosive materials. Moreover, the simplicity of the structure of the machine was obtained by using few elements but with accurate precision allowing for an easy use and maintenance of this foam generator. The Micromix is the ideal machine to be utilized in the chemicals laboratories.

The small quantity of chemical remaining (less than 0,5 litre) in the Micromix is easily and rapidly cleaned with 3 litres of water, a fundamental characteristic for fast colour changes.

The rigid and compact structure, lightweight the independent electrical power and pneumatic supply permit an easy and rapid movement of the Micromix.