Artificial Leather and Adhesivation
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Embossing line for PVC / PU coated materials

Thanks to the engraved cylinder embossing technique (warmed up for PU or cooled for PVC coated textiles) any kind of design, imitating whatever surface structures, may be engraved; any feature of materials such as the leather full grain, animals' skin as the crocodile, and any glossy, plain, semi-matt and glazed aspects are obtained.

Upon request, the plant may be equipped with inlet and outlet accumulators for a non-stop production. The plant provided for the embossing of PU coated materials may be supplied complete with a thermoregulation gearcase for diatermic oil. The pre-heating of the PU support is obtained by means of hollow space cylinders with a forced circulation of diatermic oil.

The plant is equipped with an infra-red board for the heating of the material to be embossed. This solution, provided with temperature control device and quick lift system, responds to the most severe requirements in terms of security.

The cylinder change is easy and rational, without the necessity to intervene on the hydraulic joints since the cylinders are equipped with a rapid connection patented system.

An effective cooling system of the product surface enables to maintain the embossing quality even during the winding phase.