Machines for Float Glass
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Rollerconveyors for transport and handling of float glass sheets

Rollerconveyor at line entry Rollerconveyors of different types and dimensions.
For the transport and handling of float glass sheets, Rollmac designs and manufactures rollerconveyors with rollers driven by chain and AC gearmotor.
The rollers are made of galvanized steel, coated with plastic material and mounted on bearings. The pitch of the transport rollers is 140 mm and allows the transport of sheets with length greater than or equal to 300 mm.
A wide range of options is available:
1 - Lifting system by spheres with pneumatic pistons: this system allows the rotation and manual positioning of the glass sheets.
2 - Lining-up device for lateral alignment of the sheets: for the othogonal insertion of sheets in the line
3 - Inlet or outlet basculating section: one meter of conveyor can be pneumatically lifted to allow access to the machine placed before or after the rollerconveyor itself
4 - Side idle rollers: for the lateral loading or unloading of the sheets

The conveyors are available with a pitch between cylinders of 140 mm or 280 mm., in following working widths:

1.300 mm
1.800 mm
2.200 mm
2.600 mm