Machines for Float Glass
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Automatic device for rotation and positioning of glass sheets

GLASSLINE ASR (Automatic Sheet Rotation) is a device for the complete automation of the glass sheet rotation and positioning operations.
This optional device can be fitted in the entry roller conveyor of edge coater machine model GlassLine.

ASR is especially useful for printing big size sheets, very heavy or that cannot stand manual handling.

Working cycle of device ASR:
This operation is performed in 4 passes with the automatic return and 90 rotation of the sheet between one pass and the next.

- it detects the centre of sheet to be printed

- it positions the sheet in contact with the side guiding list (lining-up)

- it waits for the sheet return

- it locks the sheet and rotates it by 90

- it reposition the sheet in contact with the side guiding list (lining-up)

After all four sides have been worked, the sheet is sent to the IR oven for drying.